Ideal Male Height - The evidence

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So over the last month we had a live poll asking the following question: What is the ideal male height? The response we had from our visitors was amazing, with a total 41,958 votes cast, the final results proved very interesting.

To answer the question, you voted that the ideal height for a man is 6'1''. It was close though, with the range of heights between 5'11 and 6'2'' all with similar results. Remember that this poll is voted on by men and women, so it gives a good consensus as to what all people generally feel is the perfect height. The fact that some people think that being smaller than 5'7'' is optimum proves that there are some strange people out there! Hmm, I mean... the diversity of people's views and opinions is huge. I guess the truth is that there is someone for everyone and obviously a very small lady is more likely to want a smaller man.  Given that the average female height is around 5'6'' this means that the ideal height difference between a male and female couple shoulld probably be around 5 inches, however in reality we all know it is not. This means females desire men that are taller than their partner.

What is the ideal male height?

Perfect Height Man

It's shocking how suddenly 6'4'' is much less appealing than 6'3''. At this height an inch can make a huge difference to someones appearance. There are a number of disadvantages of being tall, and looking too daunting is one of them.

The average male height in Europe and US is 5'11 so this proves that taller men (up to 3 inches taller) are more envied when it comes to height. They are probably more likely to attract girls as well as being a social magnet. I've often asked myself what if I could choose my height? I've thought log and hard about this throughout my life and have always come to the same conclusion - I would be 6'2'' if I had the choice. Tall enough to be classed as tall and therefore have the benefit of a lot of the advantages that come with it, but not too tall to restrict myself with being encumbered with the disadvantages. I'd be interested to hear what others think in the comments section below.




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Rebecca's picture
I like my men at least 6 foot, but then I don't like too tall men, so yes 6ft 1 sounds about right for me.
Naty's picture
Same, I like my men tall, I am 5 foot 6 and and I don't tend to feel a guy is sexy if he's under 6 foot 3. My hubby is 6 foot 5 and our male 16 year old is nearly 6 foot 3 and still growing. The really tall sexy men over 6 foot 3 are few and far between but you can find some rare specimen with perfect proportions who are graceful and harmonious.
Pablo's picture
You suck... lucky for every man in this world, women aren't as superficial as you.
Man's picture
@ the two shallow comments above me, the only height you should be measuring is the stoves and referigerators. Women these days seriously, too much freedom.
anyone's picture
Epic response
Jordan 's picture
Haha, made my day!
Mike's picture
Whats wrong with 6'2"? (JK... lol) (I'm 6'2" btw :) )
mykal's picture
You are what you are, live with it, I'm male 5'6'', married 3 kids and happy out!
avatar's picture
I am 6'3.5 male with my socks and shoes off and 6'4.5-6'5 with shoes on. I have absolutely no problem with this. I have very broad shoulders a 6'10 wingspan. I get remarks about my height often and a lot of stares from women when at the mall especially if I'm dressed up. I love it I wish I was 6'6 barefoot. If you walk tall and confident instead of slouching the ladies will love it and the manlets will size you up. lol I definitely wouldn't want to be any shorter than 6'3 though, I'm thankful to God with what I was blessed with.
RobV's picture
avatar, superb comment. I am 6'2", do weights, am v broad like you and I actually even wear heel lifts in some shoes as I like being the kind of height you refer to - 6'5". It is just plain unscientific for the piece accompanying the survey in any way to suggest that an extra inch in height at around 6'3" or 6'4" is some sort of a minus and lessens attractiveness - that is a distortion of what people are saying anyway. In the flesh, and seeing a big tall guy looking properly put together and not slouching, everyone looks. I have exactly the same experience as you and love it. I too would love to be 6'6" barefoot
kristian's picture
Crazy RobV but i guess i understand. I am 195cm, so not the 6'6" u both will like to be but still very tall at just one inch less i guess. But i went to a conference of this guy Tony Robbins and at 2m+ long. Looking up at him i think Wow you look amazing. So maybe even for me i think of making myself taller :) For many i guess this will be too tall but for sure this is not what i think.
theirselves's picture
Hey Ashley, did you find a study that claims the average height for men is 5'11? I feel like i'm missing something here
admin's picture
There are lots of statistics about the heights of people in many countries around the world. Do you dispute that 5'11 is an average male height in Europe?
theirselves's picture
I don't know anything about Europe as a whole but the only national study I've seen for the U.S. is CDC's which claims for young men it's 5'9 1/2. I wouldn't question 5'11 for Europe only because I've never seen a report for all of europe
Oliver's picture
I'm 187cm tall and i love my height
J's picture
im 1.81 cm and im 16 years old what will be my height when im like 20?
_|_'s picture
Really? 1.81cm? Are you an insect?
Vidovic's picture
How tall are you now? please say
Mani's picture
I am 5' 9½" (177 cm) and I am confident because I consider it to be the average height for men worldwide.
fred's picture
I am 6 feet 3 inches , but still feel short !!
94 - N's picture
I am 200 cm or 6'6 - 6'7 with no shoes on. I love it. I would only choose to be smaller when the bed isn't big enough, or when I am travelling with public transportation. I have never had any bad remarks about being tall, never the "oh sorry, you're too tall." Studies show, that less than 1% of the world's population is 6'4 or above. So the participants in this poll probably just voted for their own height a lot of them. If I could choose between being 6'5 or 6'8, I think I would choose 6'8, but I couldn't be happier with my height as it is, and I don't hope to grow much more, but I am 19, you never know.
kenji's picture
The three richest man on earth is 5'10 (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim Helu), so i'll stick with 5'10 being the best in term of finance.
Zame's picture
I think height only matters with a good personality. You can impress someone with a first look if you have a good height. In the society Where I am living. Average height is About 5ft 7 to 5ft 10.
Shawn's picture
Im only 5'3" and as a male it's hard to find a female mate. So I date Asian girls.
Big Mike's picture
Any man can be 6' 6" or taller if he stands on a wallet thick enough.
sammy's picture
I'm 6'1, so I am a perfect height, awesome. It has been proven many times that this is the perfect height but I'd rather be 6'3+
Anonymous's picture
no man dont want 6.3 your height is already to good iam also 5.11
Invisible's picture
I am 5'6. So I'm pretty much invisible.
Jai's picture
I am 5 6 ' . Any Comments...? ....Would women like me ..? ..After reading all these 'tall' comments , I lost my confidence .
Anoyomous's picture
Im 11 and I'm 5'7.5 . There's no hope left my friend.
HoHe's picture
Being tall, some times depends the people around you. For example in my family I'm considered "short" guy, cause my two older brothers are 6'8" and 6'6"! Thus, my 6'2" is short for them... :)
Bobby's picture
I am also 6'1, though I would honestly enjoy being 6'2.
jason's picture
i am about 184 cms. a touch above 6 foot. and a marvelous 91 kg very muscular built. but i still feel i have lost something. perhaps 3 to 4 inches.
andrew's picture
when you r over 6ft your athletic ability coordination and speed decrease proportionately 6ft 6 guy i s just big shoelace to 5 ft9 bjj guy
sam's picture
i'm 18 years old asian male and i'm about 181cm tall. and i don't think i still grow. all the comments make me depressed anyway. i'm too shorter than you guys's height. sombody said male with under 6'3" tall is not sexy. maybe i'm shorter than average. so what do you think male with 181cm tall?
hot dude's picture
Hahaha. 5'11 is actually pretty good. The average girl is 5'6 and its a fact that girls like guys who are about five inches taller than them. So you have more choice than a guy who is 6'3
majid's picture
I'm 48 years old and 6'5" and very happy for my height. My son is 12 years old and 5'7", he is happy because he thinks he will be taller than me. lol
tracey's picture
My bf is 6'5". I like the comments here about a man standing tall and confident, dressed well, my man does and people notice him. Its very attractive. But I honestly dont care about how tall a guy is. My last bf was around 5'6", still taller than me. Its all about personality and confidence. Id rather have tippy toe kisses with someone I love!I guess ive found this not because I think 6'5" is too tall but that I think maybe I'm too small. I'm always too small (5'2")
althof's picture
I'm 178cm or 5'10. I'm 16 and asian. I look tall enough here in Indonesia. but I hope i could reach 6 or above. what should I do to get taller?
eric cossling's picture
im fifteen and 5'11, but i really hope i can reach 6'2 for optimum attractiveness
GodsSon's picture
im 16 and 6 foot 4 i love it because i am created in gods image which means I'm created 'perfectly' as i am. Don't compare yourself to others and there heights, appearances because you are unique in your own way, be happy with WHO YOU ARE. Don't loose confidence in yourself because of what people think about whats attractive and whats unattractive height wise, because YOU ARE PERFECT, and you where made in perfection.
Kristian's picture
All of this nonsense is hilarious. People stare at other people for a wide variety of reasons and the implication that walking through a mall and having women notice you is somehow related to height is not only ridiculous anecdotal detritus but also impossible to correlated with stature. Men in general hold a false belief that more is always better whether regarding to height, muscle, money ect. The reality is that symmetry and attractiveness far surpasses stature in the eyes of females. The vast majorities of women I know prefer an attractive face and build complemented by some sartorial sagacity over a huge frame. The ideal height in my opinion and based on actual studies I’ve read is analogous with the results seen here however slightly lower number where produced by the research papers, in my opinion because those studies where directly aimed at females while here men were allowed to vote too. The funny part is that unless you are from one of the Scandinavian countries of Europe the percentage of males over 6 feet which is 182.8cm is around 15 percent raising serious doubts as to the veracity of the people on here commenting and referencing their heights. Generally speaking for a male in the most parts of the world anything over 180cm will be sufficient and ideal would be between the range of 180 and 185 depending on location and average. Also keep in mind that most tall people have very short sitting heights and elongated limbs with wider hips to support to weight giving them a very weird look. I have yet to see a male over 6 foot 6 whose proportions look symmetrical and attractive.
sajid's picture
Am 16 n 6.2 feet tall. What matters me is that my friends who are around me are shorter than me. They say am too tall but I don't think so. I think this is my perfect height. So guys please tell me how can I manage this height ?
Johnstan 's picture
I wish I was shorter, really do, 6'7 is not good, believe me. I feel anything between 5'11-6'4 is fine.
Mark's picture
I don't think the voters have perspective of what the heights actually look like, they just picked a number that sounds "right" to them. 6 foot-something just sounds right. 6'4 "sounds" too tall. If the votes were based on looking at real life men as opposed to number guessing the results might not be so low for 6'4 and above.
Big rod's picture
I'm 6'5 with a massive chub and would love to stuff it up a obese niggers fanny as they shit Popeyes chicken grease on my log. All the ladies in this posting suck the neighbor girls dried up twat juice off your hubby's pipe after he cheats on your droopy cellulite riddled shitters
SNtosh's picture
I am 18 year and 6 feet tall and i quite happy with my height ,6 pacs, and quite handsome face.
big dude's picture
Well im 6'1.5 out of bed and I think of myself as tall, and everyone else does too! I would like to be solid 6'2 though.
steve's picture
interesting those heights are barefoot and not shoes with inch heels so 6'1 is ideal,tall but not to tall cant join tall club 6'2 barefoot to join .plus stigma joining tall club ie hows the weather jokes . most things made for people up to 6 '4 source height site . com
Samuel Cruz's picture
Hi, i am 5'10 and i am 12 years old, in my opinion its sounds really tall for a kid but am happy with, my estimated height is 6'4-6'6 thats sounds kinda' scary for me because in my country normally people is 5'7-6'0. I dont know why i am so tall, my mom is 5'7 and my dad is 5'9 so heres the the thing from my. Two sides my grandma's are too short and my grandpa's are too tall


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