Insecure about your height?

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Insecurity is something that all of us sometimes suffer from at some point. However one thing that a lot of men have to deal with is height insecurity. Women usually like to choose taller men, it's not a difficult task seen as men are much taller than women on average. But what about short men, do thye have to choose even smaller women? That's a more difficult task.

It's not just about impressing women, height insecurity also comes into play between men. This is nature, males constantly compare their height to their counterparts, literally all land animals do this. It's embedded into our brains to protect ourselves and knowing when to back down when faced with an agressor.

Quite obviously short men are more likely to suffer from height insecurity than average height men. Here's some evidence.

A regular guy insecure about his height

This is a photo of a guy on waiting at the MTR with his girlfriend. He was quite obviously shorter of the two, and he knew it. He spent almost the whole time on his tip toes. Come on man, she's clearly not with you for your masculine appearance!

Height Insecure


A famous guy insecure about his height

So the above guy can be forgiven (mabye). He's just a regular dude trying to get on in life and when you're with a girl that looks that good, you wouldn't want to lose her. But what about someone more famous? Someone who does not need to impress? Well take the Nicolas Sarkozy, he was the French President a the time of the below photo. His wife is stunning and he held the highest job any citizen in France would envy, yet he still felt insecure... about his height.

Wish I was taller


It just shows that no matter who you are, height means an enormous amount to men. For short men, height is usually something that's constantly on their mind, worrying if they are tall enough to fit into society. You may also want to check out Funny Things People With Height Issues Do.

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Andy's picture
It's funny but at the same time it's understandable. with height come power, influence, strength and trust.
Anonymous's picture
The guy on the MTR platform is most defintely taller then his companion ,who is wearing heels. That he shuffled his left foot for a moment is not an indication that he has some sort of complex about his height or his looks. This is entirely in mind of the commentator. It's akin to looking at a black man under a shade tree and commenting to others "see how he hides from sun ,he's worried he'll get darker.
Trevor's picture
I think you missed the point. Clearly you didn't read the article. The poster says that this person was constantly getting on his tip toes. It wasn't just a one off. If he only got on his tip toes for a second, then why would someone take a picture of that? Quite obviously he was doing it all the time, hence getting the opportunity to take a photograph.
Siddharth Barpaga's picture
I think I'm too small for a guy my age, sometimes I feel like a midget among others when I see only like 6 feet tall man or like 5 feet 9 or 10 inches tall men. I'm only 17 but still I'm very insecure bout my height, my height is bout 5 feet 7 inches tall bout 169-170 cm tall I no that it's very short for a man but can you guys give me any advice on how to get over this like how do I grow more tall am I done growing. My dad is I believe about 5 feet 10 inches tall and my mom is bout 5 foot tall my grandfather form my fathers side is I believe bout 5 feet 9 inches tall and my grandfather from my moms side is like only 5 feet 4 inches so is it because of this that my moms side is too small in height like my mom and my grandfather or what? I stress a lot about my height sometimes even when I don't want too is that the reason is that the reason too that I'm not growing anymore or is it like because of my moms genes being so small and my dads genes being at a pretty average height like 5 feet 9 and 10 inches whereas my moms genes is like very small like my grandmother from moms side is only like 5 feet 1 inches I believe and my moms sister which is my aunty is like only 5 feet 2 inches is it because of that that they r too short please can someone help me here? I'm very confused about this height don't no whats going on whats going to happen bout my height I hope it doesn't stay the same because then I will be the smallest from my dads family my uncle who is my fathers brother he is like I believe pretty tall like more than average height like 5 feet 11 tall and everyone almost everyone form my dads side is like at least at an average like 5 feet 9 or taller than that like my cousins from my dads side they are quite tall.
Christian's picture
You cant measure your success with your height, believe in you, be self confident no matter how you are or look and you will see a big difference around you and most important: in yourself. Woman prefer tall,ok, but the secret is again self confidence and talk, yes! learn how to talk to here and you have half the way.. And another factor is hard work and determination: for success my friend you need to work hard and never give up! In anything you want! im about average height! cheers
Hi's picture
6'4" and a 12 year old, I'm not worried about my height.
Kate's picture
I'm twelve and only 4'2"! Can anybody help me how to look taller? My mom is 5' My dad is 5'6" And my brother is 5'9" and the same age as me! My family was always short.
Anonymous's picture
5'0" 13 year old. I'm the average height so that will make me a little over 5'9" when I grow up
asdfghjkl's picture
im a 14yr old girl and im 5,7 and still growing
April's picture
There's this guy called Glenn from New York who wears lifts everywhere - and always tip toes in photos, and never walks near the gutter on the street...he also lifts his head up so his eyes are 2 inches higher. He's about 5'6" but says he's 5'9 MINIMUM!

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