Proof that a good diet increases height

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I've said it countless times before. Most people with any common sense believe this fact, but some people don't. Well on top of all the other evidence, here is more proof that a good diet can increase your height.

We are all aware of the huge divide between North and South Korea. The South is one of the most prosperous countries on the planet with a thriving economy, the other is sadly run by a boy dictator who prefer to spend his nation's money on missiles rather than food for his people. One has no shortage of food at all, and only 2% of it's people live in poverty. The other has an estimated 72% of it's population in poverty.

Another consideration we should take into account is that North and South Korean natives are all the same ethnicity. They used to be one country until 1948, and since then have remained politically divided for over 65 years. Therefore we can take the view that genetic factors of our maximum potential height do not come into play here, because they are all the same ethnicity. It's simply like comparing the height's of people in New Jersey to those in New York - theoretically they should be very similar in height because their genetic factors are extremely similar. However they are not.


Illustration of how a good diet has increased a nation's height

Proof Diet Increases Height

North Korea is extremely poor. There's simple not enough food going around. One citizen, who escaped the country said: "People are very poor again; they are going to the mountains to get grasses and weeds to make into soup. Some people have to eat manure when they cannot get any rice or corn"

Some people have to eat manure when they cannot get any rice or corn

It's sad to see a country being held back by it's leaders. One ethnicity divided by a geographical line has prevented millions of people from having a quality diet. The result is a height difference of 4 inches in men. That means a good diet compared to a poor diet could potentially increase your height by over 6%.

Morale of the story; eat well.

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Terry42's picture
Food is critical in getting taller whilst your in your growing ages, before your late teens.
Mark's picture
People who do not believe that nutrition helps increase with you growth are foolish.
Yves's picture
Anonymous's picture
Definitely, When I was 11 I was 5'2" but then I increased my physical activity and ate well.I'm 12 and about 5'8" now. I think Un is 5'9" because it says in his height reveal.
Yves's picture
Wow, I was probably the same height as you we're when I was 12, but now 16 and 5'6 when you are 5'9 and 12, gotta say I'm happy, I don't know if you heard that people grow 2, 3 or 6 inches in about more than 3 months make them huge, I guess if I'll do that I can pass 180cm
Anonymous's picture
11 here and 6'0" but I only weigh a mere 144 pounds. I always eat healthy and I burn like 2,000 calories a day.
Mynameis...'s picture
12 here and 5'7.5" always eat healthy food. I weigh 126 pounds all muscle. The doctors predict I'll be 6'6" and 197 pounds. Food is a number one priority in growing.
Yves's picture
So true, 16 years old and 5'6, I start eating right until 21 will make me 6'0, that's what my grandmother's pool guard says and very close to what my father says.
Anonymous's picture
My aunt is from Vietnam and she's only 4'11", definitely understand why she's short... Poor diet.
Hunt's picture
When I went to Japan much of the elderly were smaller then the young Japanese. The older people looked mostly anywhere for males 5'2" to 5'5". For females most were 4'10" to 5'1". But when I saw the younger citizens they looked anywhere from 5'8" to 5'11". I once had a great grand mother who was 4'9" and slouched to 4'6". She was from the Philippines which have a considerable poor diet.I did see one guy who was a solid 6'1" there but I see the point of the article... Always eat a healthy diet to be like Abe Lincoln for an Example.
Mr.Dave's picture
5'10" and eighteen years old. I'm From China which I'm considered pretty tall there. I always ate well when I was in grade seven.
Siddharth Barpaga's picture
Hey man I am from India and average height for us males there is like totally but only like 5 ft 5 1/2 which is only like 166.3 cm and for females over there its like very worst like only 5 ft 0 which is only like 152 cm I lived in india for quite a while like for 12 years I lived there and I ate well everything there and I drank milk at least once in a day but I had buuter all the time with ny food there and I also used to eat yougurt a lot u can eat anything u can make ur stomach full upto its most limits and still ur digestion power over there in india would be good cause its a hot country most of the time temp over there is all the time like in summer always 40-45 degress sometimes on occasional days it even exceeded like over 45 degrees there but still yeah the thing I india is so much polluted and I don't want to say this but I have to cuase this is bout countrys welfare very dirty sewers were open there like it smelled a lot there there was so much like crap there like cow shit everywhere almost so very hard to walk by there and plus thers a lot of noise pollution there as well my point is india is very very poor country and the people there don't help each other especially people over don't help the ones living on the streets like its very bad there the situation but the thing is that I believe all the pollution dirt an smoke over there traffic over there also the 3 billion people living there so overcrowded country is making the situation worst and its going to get even worse there before it gets any better the thing is I think my height didn't grow a lot because I stayed there almost half my childhood like form where I was born to 12 years of age and it impacted me a lot too like another thing over there is too much pressure of studies even more thank higher studies of like uk, Canada (where I am living now), the us, austarlia and new Zealand all these developed countries like studies in all these developed countries even like Germany, spain etc. the Europe the studies rnt as hard or not a lot of pressure as there is in india and I believe even chinas studies as well have a lot of pressure my point is that the poorer the country is probably the shorter the people will be like north korea is probably the poorest country country in the world right now even more than india and that's y people over there r way below average height for both male and female and they stay like that for the rest of their lives even the next generation and so on yeah and they r not progressing at all I guess so so that's y people over there r very very short even the male person over there is very short so yeah the poorer the country is the shorter the people also the shorter the life span and so forth yeah this is what I believe in.
Lee's picture
5'1" and 10 years old. Doctors predict I'll be 6'4" and weigh 230.
admin's picture
Check out - it's very accurate.
Yves's picture
He will reach 6'4 and I'll reach more than 5'10.
Yves's picture
I've used The Height Predictor, Mom is 5'3 and Dad is 5'11, I'm 5'6 and 16 years old and I calculated and it says I'll be 5'8??!, what a dump, on what circumstances exactly I'll reach 5'8?, well I do have something to tell about my height: Like I said about my parents..., older brother is 5'7 (might be 5'8) and he's 20, I still got until 21 to grow taller because there is no way I'll be 5'8 at the time that I'll stop growing taller, on my age right now my older brother wasn't taller than me so that case is now that I'll be taller than him for sure, my grandmother's pool guard, he's old, he's probably 5'9.75 or less, he gave me this advice: don't eat meat, don't eat milk (drinking too), fishes etc., breakfast: fruits, lunch: vegetables, evening: peanuts, seeds and nuts, sport: swimming, exercises, hanging on bars, bad sport: running (walking is good though), lifting weights, probably other of course basketball is good, sleep at least more than 8 hours from 22:00 or 23:00PM no farther than that and the results are: if I'll do all what he said to me, I can grow even till age of 30 (of course it' impossible 25 is right) and that I'll reach 5'11.5, 6'0 or 6'1, which that is definitely true, how would I reach 5'8?, maybe if I won't do something with my height to increase it if I wish to, now that advice he gave me is just health, fishes, milk and meat does have the vitamins to increase my height, I do want to be vegetarian because I've lost the taste of meat and I don't even want to eat meat but I said to myself I'll eat meat until 21 anyway, I'm not saying that The Height Predictor is having any errors on the calculations but from both of my parents 5'3 and 5'11 will make me 5'8 is 100% even more wrong, maybe 5'9.5 or 5'10 but 5'8 is crap, the better advice you'll get or I'll get is from more than a 6'2 person who is taller than he's parents and ask him what took him to grow that taller.
admin's picture
The predictor tool is very accurate. At the moment, you are small for your age group. Your in the 23rd percentile which means 77% of the population your age and gender are taller than you. At 16 years old, you have little time left to grow taller. Most of your growing is finished. I highly doubt you will make it to 5 foot 9. Your grandfather is wrong in most things he said, sorry to say that but it's true.
Yves's picture
I said my grandmother's pool guard not my grandfather and what your saying is judging his opinion. Men stop growing at age of 21 not 18, you are doubting I'll reach 5'9, what doubting does says that I'll reach 5'9, and I can grow even at the age of 25 if I liked to, there is nothing better than willpower, scientifically, and most of the chances, people can pass they're fathers for at least 2cm. There are people who are getting taller forever.
admin's picture
Men hardly grow after the age of 16-17. Any growth after that is minimal, just check out the growth chart percentiles on tool. They are taken from global statistical medical data collected from millions. The fact that you say willpower can increase height is hilarious. Hardly anyone grows until the age of 25, and if they do, the height between 18 and 25 in so small it's hardly worth bothering about anyway.
Ed's picture
I have checked other height calculator sites and Merlin's argument is confirmed. She is right. It's by far the most accurate I have come across.
Yves's picture
I came here to measure my height to other actors. I really hope something bad will happen to you Merlin because your a lowlife, judging, and disrespectful and unwelcome person to speak to. I'm going to speak to a real person who knows about height and diet.
Gareth's picture
I have to say that the tool mentioned in the previous posts is actually very good. It's extremely accurate as it follows the growth curves as provided by international medical organizations. Anyway, as to this article, diet has a huge effect on height, there is no doubt about that. I've seen two brother, one with a large appetite, and one with a very poor appetite. The hungry brother is 2 inches taller. Same genes, different diet, different height. How is that for back up evidence?
admin's picture
Come back when your 22 and prove that you have grown by more than 1cm in the preceding 12 months.
Mr.Rogers (not)'s picture
12 and 9 months and 5'8.5" Yes!
PEASHOOTER's picture
Good for you,man! I'm ten and 5 foot 10 inches LOL. keep it up!
Yves's picture
5'6 and 16 years old, gonna be more than 5'11 by 21 I hope.
Saly's picture
It's definitely possible to grow taller before mid twenties (18-25 years. So at 21, it's normal that a young woman or man would increase their height. They can grow by up to 4 inches, especially if they do the right exercises that will allow them to stretch (stretching workout) and by sleeping well (before midnight and 8 hours but also no more) and by having the right diet (low in sugar: minimum sugar level diet is essential. Another thing a deficiency in vitamin D is likely to create bones diseases that prevent them from growing, so get a check up. As long as your growth plates are not closed, your a good subject.
Yves's picture
Thanks for the info Saly you were very helpful :)
anup's picture
I am 14 yrs old and I am 5'9 (176)cm barefoot. my dad is 5'5 and mom 5'3 and sister 5'5 what would my height be at adulthood.. my grandfather was 6'2. i eat a lot of healthy foods.. plz help..

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