Proof That Women Prefer Tall Men

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In one of our largest polls ever we asked women the following question; "When choosing a male partner, which of the four factors are most important... good looks, height, wealth or personality?".

Two methods were used when asking the question. Firstly, females were asked face to face in the street, secondly they were asked on the net (with complete anonymity). We made sure that the people voting were in fact female through targeted Facebook advertising to females between 18 and 40 and were all single, the same as our 'in person' voters. In total, 400 women cast their votes for each of the two methods (800 total votes).

The order in which the results were displayed to the women whilst voting was varied on a constant basis.

In the chart below it is clear that when asked anonymously, wealth actually comes out as the number one voted factor. However when asked face to face, which causes women to behave more rationally, the results were staggering. Suddenly wealth is no longer important, but personality is! So how do we get round this problem that people tend to vote differently when asked anonymously when compared to face to face? See the second chart.

When we accumulate the results of both samples we get a very interesting result as you will see in this chart:

Some people may argue that this is playing with stats to make them appear more favourable to the result that suits you. Well that may be a very valid point, but in my opinion it's a clear indication that height really matters for women looking for men.

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Robert's picture
My mate is small, about 5 foot 6. He really struggles to get a girl, because although his personality is nice and he's not bad looking, his height really lacks. The fact that he's not rich does not help either!
Rob's picture
I am 5' 7" and i have been told many times i am too short. Mostly by girls my height or shorter. I just dont get it. It doesnt make sense to me.
admin's picture
How old are you?
Rojo's picture
Well I get it, althought Im 5´10.5 I wish I was a bit taller, but with combat boots and a nice hairstyle I get the perfect height :D
Louie's picture
You have got nothing to worry about. I'm 44 and 6'4" and my wife is 6'1". There's always one girl in the world around you're height or taller who likes you.
mikey p's picture
I'm 6'6.. And it definitely helps :)
boydnar's picture
Women like men who are dominant. (This is a fact which runs counter to the feminist orthodoxy in our modern feminized society.) Height is one form of dominance. In evolutionary terms, height gives a man an advantage in combat -- a big one since he has both gravity and REACH in his favor. Females who have chosen taller mates during the last million years of evolution have had a higher survival rate so that preference has been passed on more prolifically than any preference for shorter men has. Therefore, women are INSTINCTIVELY drawn to taller men. BUT, keep in mind that women are drawn most powerfully to pure masculinity -- that is, psychological and emotional strength. If a woman is given time to interact with a tall man who is psychologically and emotionally weak and a shorter man who is psychologically and emotionally strong and powerful, she will pick the latter of the two 99.999% of the time. This is because psychological and emotional strength imbue a man with the one trait most necessary for a man to survive -- and that's DOMINANCE. What this means is that women are absolutely NOT attracted to wusses -- not even to tall wusses. The take away lesson here is that if a man will work on his psychological and emotional strength and become super-confident ("confidence" is defined as a LACK OF INSECURITY), then he'll have no problem attracting women . . . even super-hot women. Height in a man is a dominance INDICATOR. If a woman is attracted to a tall man and upon interacting with him discovers that he lacks psychological and emotional strength and dominance, her attraction to him will wane very rapidly and she'll be disappointed that his height was a false indicator. If a man displays signs of psychological and emotional submission, she will actually be repulsed very strongly. Women PREFER height, but they need and crave masculine strength. To a woman, masculine strength and dominance are what make a man irresistible. And remember, "confidence" is defined as a LACK OF INSECURITY.
larry's picture
nonsense-character, personality and moral integrity are more important than good looks or height
Jay's picture
I think shorter guys use height as an excuse. I'm 5 foot 7 and that's never stopped me from getting girls (even some taller than me). If you are decent to good looking, charismatic, and confident, many women cannot help overlooking the fact that you're not towering over them. I don't even approach women much at bars etc.. They usually approach me. Sure, if women are given a form that asks if height and looks matter they will say yes. If all they know about a guy is his short height, of course they may reject him based on that. However, that's not how people meet in real life. These surveys don't take into account the emotional processes that influence who women are attracted to. Emotions are the reason why beautiful women select ugly men who are broke and not particularly tall. I know several cases like this.
Rockstar's picture
I'm female and weirdly, I prefer short guys, mainly because I hate having to look up to talk to people. I also prefer more feminine, submissive men so that might have something to do with it. I'm pretty masculine.

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