How Tall Is Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee's height is 5 ft 7.6 inches or 172cm
Bruce Lee Height

At a height of 5 feet 7.6 inches, or 171.704cm tall, Bruce Lee was taller than 15.79% and smaller than 84.2% of all males in our height database. Although this makes him appear small, he was about average height when compared to people of the same ethnic (Chinese) background and age.
He became famous through acting in martial arts movies, however Bruce always described himself as being a martial artist first, and an actor second.

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Bruce Lee Too's picture
He's about my height.... WOW! and I'm Asian too...
merlin's picture
Awesome. So you can get the same perspective as him when standing then.
Simon's picture
Happy Birthday to Bruce Lee.
Sahanwaj khan's picture
Bruce Lee i'm your big fan and i miss you everyday, i want to be the same as you

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